Poetry and Fiction Writing

Madeline Millán



Published Poetry & Fiction Books


Que el mar no me falte (Anthology of poetry work from 2002-2013: Isla Negra, Puerto Rico-Dominican Republic, 2019)


Contracantos:Del aire a la rosa (Poetry/Lima-Perú, 2013) 


Día Cero(Fiction and Poetry/Terranova, Puerto Rico, 2012) 


365 esquinas(Fiction and Poetry/Terranova, Puerto Rico, 2009/)


Leche/Milk(Bilingual Poetry Publication, Buenos Aires, 2008)


De toros y estrellas(Poetry/Terranova, Puerto Rico, 2004)              


Para no morir por segunda vez(Poetry/Buenos Aires, 2002)



Literary Awards


Honorary Poetry Mention, International PEN Club-Puerto Rico: Contracantos: Del aire a la rosa (2014)


National Poetry Award-Premio Nacional de Poesía, International PEN Club-Puerto Rico: Leche/Milk(2009)


Editor and Publisher


Noches de Cornelia/Nights of Cornelia

(Editor Madeline Millán,Ediciones Bilingua, Godot, Buenos Aires, 2008: A Multicultural Bilingua Poetry Anthology)

Member of the Board of Editors of Revista Hogueras

An International Bilingual Literary Review of Hispanic Studies


Writers and Artists Residencies (Mexico, Spain, Italy)

2019                            Funder and Director of Casa Pilar, scientists, writers and artists’ residency

                                    in Chapala, Mexico. 

2017                            June 1-15 

                                    Poetry Residence at Fundación Valparaíso, Mojácar, Spain  

2015                            July 15-30 Poetry Residence at Centro Studi Jorge Eielson, Florence-Italy

                                    Poetry Events in NYC/Hosted the Bilingual Poetry Readings at the Cornelia Street Café

                                    (Cornelia closed in 2019)

2005-to the Present     Director of the International Bilingual Poetry Readings at the Cornelia                                                                Street Café

2016                           Host/Poetry Reading with poets from Uruguay, Mexico, Canadá, Colombia, Perú,                                               Spain): Martha Canfienld. Carmen Boullousa, Jeannette Clariond, Xavier Oquendo,                                           Luis García Montero, Carlos Cataño, Miguel-Angel Zapata, Francoise Roy, Fedérico                                         Díaz Granado, Jota Mario Arbelaez, among others 


                                    Host/Poetry Reading Alan Ziegler (USA) Tal Nitzan (Israel)


2015                            Host/Poetry Reading Angelo Verga, David Lehman, & Sharon Dolin (USA),                                                        Elvira Sastre and Adriana Moragues (Spain)

                                    Host/Poetry Reading Amy Lemmon, Regan Good &  Catherine Varnes (USA),

                                    Roger Santivánez (Perú)

2014                            Host/Poetry Reading Dan Shapiro (US) and Isaac Goldemberg (Perú)

                                    Host/Poetry Reading Phillis Levin (US)  and Javier Bozalongo (Spain)


                                    Host/Poetry Reading Miguel-Angel Zapata (Perú) and Fernando Operé (Spain)


                                    Host/Breaking Ground AnthologyBook Presentation and Reading at Cornelia                                                      Street Café 

2013                            Host Tribute to Myrna Nieves and Anita Vélez-Mitchell at Cornelia Street Cafe


                                    Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC)

                                    Students and Professors from the MA Spanish Creative Writing Program                                                              (CWP) at NYU and students of the Spanish CWP at City College, CUNY                                                              (September 11)

2007                            Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe                   

(NYC)                          James Cascaito and Pilar Blanco from the Foreign                 

                                    Language Department (FIT-SUNY) reading Italians translations and my 

                                    Spanish translation of Hindu Poet Meena Alexander (March 21)

                                    Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC)

                                    Linda Rodríguez Guglielmoni (Puerto Rico), Ylonka Nacidit 

                                    Perdomo   (Dominican Republic), Meena Alexander (India-England) (March 7)


                                    Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC)

                                    Sultan Catto (Turkey) (February 21)


2006                            Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC)

                                    James Cascaito (Italo-American) and Carlos Alberto Montaño (Colombia)                                                          (April 19th)


                                    Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC)

                                    Mariela Dreyfus (Perú), María Arrillaga (Puerto Rico) Madeline Millán (PR) 

                                    (March 13)


                                    Host of Bilingual Poetry Readings at Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC)

                                    Daniel Tevini (Buenos Aires), Emilce Strucchi (BA), Etnairis Rivera (Puerto                                                        Rico)


Poetry Events/Host the Bilingual Poetry Readings at the McNally Robinson Bookstore


2008                            Host and reead my Poem “Tesis sobre los movimientos del mar,” from

                                    Noches de Cornelia/Cornelia Nights, at the McNally Robinson Bookstore

                                    Poets: Angelo Verga, María Arrillaga,  James Cascaito, Sultan Catto,                                                                  Mayrim C. Bernal, Marcos Wasem, Madeline Millán, María Negroni,                                                                    Linda Rodríguez Guglielmoni


Poetry Events/Coach or Coordinate poetry readings at FIT


2004 to the present      Spanish Poetry Recitation Competition: each year I coach students                                                                       for this annual departmental cultural event in all the languages taught 

                                    at the Modern Languages & Culture Department


2013                            Invited to read my poems at Barnes & Noble for presentation of                                                                            the anthology Breaking Ground  (FIT; bilingual reading of one of                                                                          my poems by James Cascaito, Chair of the Department of Modern                                                                       Languages & Cultures)


2005                            Guest Writer at the International Recitation Competition at FIT 

                                    Poem “Lo que el viento se llevó,” from Tango de la viuda,                                                                                    translated into English by James Cascaito 



Poetry Events/Invited to Poetry Readings Events at FIT 


2019                            Black History Month. Invited to read my poetry as well as selected poems                                                            from more representative poets of the Spanish Caribbean, in conjunction                                                              with Keysha-Gaye Anderson


2017                            Wrote and read poem forFashionable Muses Project, BrickFIT, poems                                                                   inspired by visual art and music, in collaboration with 6 musical                                                                           composers                                                                                                                                                       


2010-2011                   Host with Pilar Blanco and Brian Fallon: Poetry in Translation                                                                            (Bilingual Poetry)                   


                                    Readings at the Writing Center at FIT (invited poets: Urayoán Noel and                                                              James Cascaito, Chair of the Foreign Languages Department)


2006                            Host at FIT/ Bilingual Poetry and Exhibition “When Fashion Meets                                                                      Literature,” Hispanic Heritage Month, Reading by María Rodriguez                                                                    Gugliemoni October, sponsored by the Board of the FIT      




PEN International Puerto Rico           

Poetry Readings at Other Cultural Venues


2018                            Puerto Rico International PEN invitation to Puerto Rican poets in New                                                                York. A discussion panel about poetry with four poets currently living in                                                                New York that includes a reading of our own poetry.                                   

                                    Invited to read my poetry at Hofstra University for a book presentation of                                                            of the First Anthology of Contemporary Latin American/Poetry in Italian,  Il Fiore della                                      poesia latinoamericana, by noted Poet and translator Emilio Coco. Poetry Reading                                           with   Miguel-Angel Zapata (Perú), Andrea Cote (Colombia), Eduardo Mitre (Bolivia)


2016                            Invited to read my poetry with international poets at the Instituto                                                                          Cervantes (NY) 


2015                            2 Poetry Readings in Barcelona, Spain:

                                    atAsociación Colegial de Escritores de Cataluña(The Association of                                                                    Catalan Writers in Barcelona); atOrganización Nacional de Ciegos                                                                       (ONCE, National Organization for the Blind)


                                    2 Poetry Readings in Granada, Spain:

                                    at Centro Artístico de Granada

                                    at Festival de Poesía en el Laurel


                                    Gave 2 Poetry Talks & Readings in Mexico                                                                                                            Encuentro de Poetas Latinoamericanos

                                    Instituto de Cultura de Tlaxcla/Pinacoteca del Estado Desiderio                                                                            Hernández Xochitiotzi


                                    Gave Talk and Reading at Centro de Artes y Oficios, San Miguel                                                                             Etla, and at Museo de Santo Domingo, Oaxaca                                


                                    Gave conference at the Americas Society, NY

                                    “The knots in the Poetry and Art of Jorge Eduardo Eielson”                        


                                    Gave conference at Hofstra University, NY

                                    “Composición y Poética Textil en los Nudos de Jorge Eduardo                                                                              Eielson”

2013                            Read my poetry at poetry celebrating the second year of the MFA 

                                    Spanish Creative Writing in Spanish at NYU

                                    Organized and Presented by Lila Zemborain and Mariela Dreyfuss

                                    Co-sponsored by the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center 

                                    and the Spanish Department (September 12)


                                    Invited to read my poems at Librería AC (Puerto Rico) “4 Poetas de                                                                    Nueva York” 


                                    Invited to read my poems at Hofstra University “An Afternoon of Poetry                                                              as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month,” Sponsored by Latin American and Caribbean                                      Studies and Women’s Studies Program


                                    Invited to read my poems at Hunter College for the book presentation of                                                              Breaking Ground: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers in New                                                                    York1980-2012


2011                            Invited to read at Gabinete Salvaje, Noches de Poesía y Artes, DF, México


                                    Invited to read at Hunter College at the book presentation of the anthology                                                          Ejército de rosas, NYC  


                                    Invited to launch my poetry book Día Cero and to read at Borders, San                                                                Juan, PR


                                    Invited to read my poetry at 2015 & Beyond; organized by The Light Millienium: A                                              Multi-Media and Culture Organization (NYC)   


                                    Invited to read my poems at Libro Abierto, a Latin American Library                                                                    Fair/Bronx-NY


2009                            Invited to read my poems celebrating HybridoX, A Latin American                                                                        Literary Publication (Subway 7 Cafe, NYC,  May 2)


                                    Invited to read my poetry with poets of Puerto Rico Muestra de poesía                                                                  puertorriqueña, at Bar1900(Huelva, Spain)


                                    Invited to read my poetry at Biblioteca Pública Provincial(Huelva, Spain)                        

                                    Invited to read my poems with Regie Cabico, Anyssa Kim & Guillermo                                                                Castro. Crossings: A Poetry Reading/Performance 

                                    Sponsored by FIT Words: The Club for Writers

                                    English & Speech Department

                                    School of Liberal Arts, Host Amy Lemmon 


2008                            Invited to read poetry at “100 minutos de poesía,” Taller C, Río Piedras,                                                             PR      


                                    Invited to read my poetry at Vassar College during the Caribbean Festival                                                            week, sponsored by the Caribbean Students' Alliance (New York)     


                                    Book Presentation and Anthology Poetry Reading: Noches de Cornelia, La                                                          Tertulia, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico (May 28)


                                    Invited to read my poetry as part of the students’ reading from New York                                                              University, celebrating the second year of the MFA in Creative Writing in                                                              Spanish(CWS); organized and presented by Lila Zemborain and Mariela                                                              Dreyfuss.  Co-sponsored by the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center and                                                                the Spanish Department of NYU


                                    Invited to read my poetry at a Bilingual Poetry Reading with poet Roberta Gould  at                                            Cornelia Street Café, hosted by Angelo Verga


2007                           Invited to read poems with Daniel Tevini and Alejandro Margulis 

                                    Lecturas en Bartolomeo-Bar Bukowski, Buenos Aires (August 6)


                                    Invited to read at “El Taller de Poesía of Etnairis Rivera” 

                                    Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, San Juan, PR (May 30)


                                    Invited to read poems at 4to Encuentro de Poetas de la Poesía

                                    Cafe Seda, San Juan, Puerto Rico 


                                    Invited to read my poetry (translations of my poems into English by prof. Pilar Blanco)                                      at cultural event Two Universal Men; organized by The Light Millienium: A Multi-                                              Media and Culture Organization (NYC)


                                    Invited to read poems at Festival de Poesía: El poeta en Nueva York

                                    Lectorum Bookstore, NYC 


                                    Book Presentation and Poetry Reading of Bilingual Anthology: Noches de                                                            Cornelia, The Skylight Room, Graduate Center, CUNY, NYC 


                                    Invited to read at the XIX Winter Poetry Seasonat Boricua College, 



                                    Invited to read my poetry, translated by Pilar Blanco at a poetry recitation of                                                      Puerto Rican women poets: Ednairis Rivera and Madeline Millán. This event was                                                organized by FIT poet and professor Sultan Catto at the CUNY Graduate Center.


2006                            Reading and Presentation of Poetry Books Perversiones desde                                                                              el paraíso, El Rastro de las mariposas, and Poetas sin tregua:

                                    XVI International Congress of Literature from Hispanic Women Writers, at Weber State                                      University, Utah, Awarded by the Teaching Institute (FIT) 

                                    (October 5-6)  


2005                            Kattia Chico, Etnairis Rivera and Madeline Millán

                                    Poetry Presentation of “De toros y estrellas,” and

                                    “Tango de la viuda.” Centro de Estudios de Puerto Rico y el Caribe (October 6)     


                                    Book Presentation and Reading of Poetas sin treguaand other poems                                                                    at Casa de la Cultura Española, Lima-Perú (June 22)


                                    Invitation to Present Poetry Book: "Poetas sin tregua," an anthology of 6                                                            Puerto Rican Poets from the 80s (6 poems from Tango de la viuda)

                                    First National Congress of Literary Publications, Fundación de Poetas,                                                                Buenos Aires 


2005                            Poetry Reading from my poetry book De toros y estrellas at Borders,                                                                    Mayagüez                                          


                                     Poetry Reading from the book De toros y estrellas

                                     Borders, San Juan, Puerto Rico

                                     Presenter by Historian and Literary critic, Mario Cancel                              

                                     "Pre-textualidad en De toros y estrellas”  


2005                            Presentation and Reading of Poetry book De toros y estrellas

                                    20th Century Literature & Culture Conference

                                    University of Louisville, Kentucky     


2003                            Poetry Reading of La maestra de York(unpublished book), 

                                    Latino Art Round, Table hosted by Sonia Rivera Valdés


                                    Guest Writer to read at the Initiation Ceremony 

                                    Capítulo Iota Iota de Sigma Delta Pi, York College, CUNY


2002                            Invited to read at York College,Cultural Activity in                                                                                                  celebration of the Hispanic History Month and the Puerto Rican History Month                                                  (November 12)in conjunction with professors Sonia Rivera-Valdés, Margarita Drago                                          and Eva Vásquez


                                    Invited Writer for The Fifth International Conference on Women Authors of

                                    the Spanish Caribbean, Hostos Community College (October 16) 


2001                            Poetry Reading with Julio Marzán, “Noches de Ronda,” 

                                    Nuyorican Poets Cafe (May 5)


                                   Poetry Reading at Viernes de Poesía, Mixta Gallery, NYC (May 25)

1990                           "Madeline Millán and Juan Zapata” at the Poetry Reading of Extremos, 

                                    Literary magazine of Dept. of Hispanic Languages and Literature

                                    Stony Brook University  





2004 to the Present     Translation of the American and International poets invited to Cornelia Street                                                      Café: Phillis Levin, Amy Lemmon, David Lehman, Meena Alexander, Linda                                                          Rodríguez Guglielmoni Sultan Catto, Alan Ziegler, Regan Good, Katherine                                                          Varnes, Angelo Verga among others. 


2011                            Translation in collaboration with Pilar Blanco of Poetry Book of Sultan                                                                Catto’s Under the shadows of your falling words(Godot/Ediciones Bilingua, BA,                                                  Argentina), now under the title of Eco/Echo(El Mono Estrellado, Rosario/Buenos Aires,                                      Argentina).           



(Some In collaboration with Poet and Professor Miguel Angel Zapata/MAZ)


Jeannette Clariond, Mexico (with MAZ) 


Francoise Roy, Canada Mexico (with MAZ)


Marco Antonio Campos, Mexico (with MAZ)


Alfredo Fressia, Uruguay (Madeline Millán)


Julio Marzán, Puerto Rico





"Historia de un libro y un recitado: Antología de Gonzalo Rojas," 

in  Alforja(Mexico) XVII (summer 2001); also at Número,31, 

(Colombia, November-2001)                                                                                                              




Scriptwriter and Curator for Promotional Video Alwalida, Original Story Elisa Remón, Granada, Spain. Director Manuel Polhs.






                                    "Leonardo Favio in Black and White," Cinematropical Newsletter, NY (Nov.                                                         2001)


                                     Entreextremos. Monographic Studies on Latin American films. 
                                    Editor and Publisher Madeline Millán

                                    Issue 1: Argentine Cinema

                                    Issue 2: Colombian Cinema

                                    Issue 3: Cuban Cinema                     


                                    "Sergio Castilla": an Interview. Newsletter of the Latino Collaborative, NY 

                                    (September-October 1994)


                                    Grants-in-aid  (Entreextremos publication 1995)    


                                    Graduate Student Organization (GSO), State University of Stony Brook; Award 

                                    Latin American Advanced Project LAAP by the Association of Hispanic Arts 

                                    (AHA), for Entreextremos Film magazine


Grants 2004 to 

the present                   Attendance to most of the International Poetry Festivals where I have attended                                                    to read  my poetry have been possible thanks to the support of the Teaching                                                          Institute and School of Liberal Arts at FIT/SUNY


2014                            Grant from the Faculty Development Grants and Awards Committee to conduct                                                    Research/Whales (during the yearly sabbatical in 2015)



Anthologies-Poetry (where poems have been published) 


100 Poetak Maiatzean/100 Poetas en Mayo (Tarqus Editorial, Santiago de Compostela, 2017, pp: 122-124)      

Il fiore della poesia latinoamericana d’oggi  (3 volumes of the contemporary Latin American poetry, translated by Emilio Coco, Raffaelli Editore, 2016, vol. 1) 


Breaking Ground/Abriendo Caminos(An Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers in New York 1980-2102: Edited by Myrna Nieves: New York, Editorial Campana, 2012) 


Na barca lusitana/En la barca lusitana(translated from Spanish to Portuguese: 6 poetisas de Porto Rico

(Traducción de Tiago Nené. Faro, Portugal: Livros do Mundo, 2012)


Ejército de rosas. Antología de 56 poetas puertorriqueñas vivas (Edited by Yolanda Arroyo: CreateSpace Independent Publishing, USA, 2011) 


Poesía Latinoamericana Hoy/20 países, 50 poetas(Editors: Jacobo Rauskin, Mario Sampaolesi and Roberto Arizmendi, Ediciones Fósforo, Editorial Universidad Hermosillo, Arandurá and Barataria, México, Paraguay and Argentina, 2011: pp. 141-143)


“Igual que aguas” Blanco Móvil.Poesía puertorriqueña Contemporánea  # 119 (Argentine-Mexican literary magazine. Introduction and Selection to Puerto Rican poetry by Etnairis Rivera. Editor: Eduardo Moshes, México, 2011. 


Poetas del mundo latino 

12 poets from Spain and Latin America were invited to publish and later to present and read

from this anthology as part of the International Poetry event Poetas del Mundo Latino

(Editor José Ángel Leyva: Mexico DF: Universidad Intercontinental, 2010; pp: 25-28)      


Antología XIV Encuentro Internacional de Poetas(Michoacán: Editorial Cat, 2010; pp: 77-78)


Poesía de Puerto Rico: Cinco décadas (1950-2000)(Caracas,Venezuela: Fundación editorial el perro y la rana-Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura, 2009. pp. 349-355)   


“Hey, Johnny” and “Buscar el remedio en la otra vida.” Hybrido X. 

(Literary magazine of The Graduate School, City University of New York.  Año XI, 10, 2008 p. 72)


“I live without living in me” (“Vivo sin vivir en mí,” poem from Leche, translated by Irma Blanco Casey, New Mango Season: A Journal of Caribbean Women’s Writing, Hispanic Voices 1.2, 2008: pp. 113)


Poetas sin tregua

(Compilación de poetas puertorriqueñas de la generación del 80; editor Maribel Sánchez, Ráfagas, España, 2006: pp. 19-29)


El rastro de las mariposas. Antología Femenina de Poesía Hispanoamericana(editor Leo Zelada, Lord Byron Ediciones, Perú-Madrid, 2006: pp. 97-102)


Per)versiones desde el paraíso: poesía puertorriqueña de entresiglos("Tango de la viuda", "Gramática inexacta", "Los sobrevivientes", and  "Usted no abusó". Revista de poesíaAullido, Número 14, edición homenaje a Juan Ramón Jiménez en el 50 aniversario de la concesión del Premio Nóbel de Literatura: Prologue: Mario R. Cancel., Editors Uberto Stabile y Ana María Fuster, Huelva, Spain, 2005: pp. 65-70)

Anthology of Hispano-American poets 
Nueva poesía hispanoamericana (editor Leo Zelada, 

Lord Byron editions, 7edition, 2004: pp. 103-104)                


"Balada de la viuda," poemBrújula/Compass: Newsletter of the Latin American Writers Institute, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College of CUNY, Director/Editor: Isaac Goldemberg, New York, Vol. 1, Número/Issue 15, 2004: p. 12-13


La trilogía Poética de las mujeres en Hispanoamérica 

(Compilation of 8 centuries of women poets from Spainand LatinAmerica; Volume III: pícaras, místicas y rebeldes;La Cuadrilla de la Langosta, coedition UNAM, UAM, Conaculta/Fonca y Fundación Bancomer, México and other countries 2004: pp. 292-94)                                                                                                                     
"Poema a la cebolla, in Memoriam" and "Textos" (poems from Leche, Confluencia, University of Northern Colorado Boulder, 16, n. 2, Spring 2001: pp 7-13) 


Alforja"Poems" (XVII, Summer-01) "Poems" (Leche)Diálogo 5(Fall 2000) 


"Siesta-Vuelta en tres días" Aleph(1995); "Blue Miró" Brook Spring 93  (translated by Amelia Salinero, 1993) "Poems" Barcarola  (16-17, Nov. 1984) 


"Poems" Taller Universidad de Puerto Rico(Publication of literary workshop directed by Prof. María Arrillaga, 1981)


Essays, and short stories(México, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain & United States))

Blanco Móvil 25(Celebrando el aniversario de la revista). Invited by the 

editor Eduardo Moshes to participated in an interview and publication of short story 

“Isla con atardeceres,” in conjunction with Latin American and Spanish writers. This issue was 

celebrating  its 25thanniversary of this literary magazine from Mexico. 

(Mexico City, 2010: 115-116; pp. 62-68)


“Isla con atardeceres” (Cuando narradoras latinoamericanas narran en Estados Unidos: Vol. 1, Buenos Aires, Fundación A. Ross, 2009)


“The braid” (“La trenza,” short story translated by Ivette Romero-Cesareo, New Mango Season: ibid: pp. 114-116, 2008) 


“El Coleccionista de arte como Autor” (essay, BABAB, Revista de Cultura, , Nº 23. Enero-febrero 2004, Spain: pp. 15-20)


"El día que me quieras," (short story,  Revista Número, 30, Director Guillermo González Uribe, Bogotá-Colombia, Sept. 2001: pp. 42-47);


Electronic Publications


20 poems


Poems “El hilo,” “Observatorio,” “A un ángel que pasa,” “¿El concubino existe?,” “¿Qué sueña?,” “Frescos de Lutrec,” “Formas de citación, Anselm Feuerbach” (2013)


Poems Ila-To ("TO" is a cultural magazine in four languages published by the art and culture foundation "Cross-Over")


Poems “Atómica,” “Ser o no ser,” “La ilusión de ser” (2012)

La Estafeta del viento/La revista de Poesía de Casa de América (SPAIN:


Poem “Es hora de dormir”


Poem “Boca de un caracol en su oreja”


Poem “La más bella o sueño bajo la pirámide de Cleopatra en Central Park”


Poem “Eclipse” Imánhattan(New York, No. 1, 2010). Online literary publication of the MFA Spanish Creative Writing Program at New York University (Manhattan, NY)


Poems.  Vuelo en la noche (Argentina)


Poem “Invitación al mar”


3 Poems (one poem per month). Mis poetas contemporaneous (Argentina)                                    


Poems.  La Anémona Vidente (Argentina)   


Poems.  Fundación Fahrenheit 451 (México)                                                      

“Poemas del 13 de octubre: In honor of Alejandra Pizarnik” (2007)


Poems “Tango de la viuda” and “Lecciones de baile” (November, 2006)


Poems “Estaciones” and “Lo que el viento se llevó” (August, 2006)


Poems “Lección de Baile 1”, “Lección de baile 4” and “Lo que el viento se llevó”


Poems “Largo metraje”, in Desde el límite(Puerto Rico, Invited poet #69, Erotic poetry of Puertorican Poets of the 80’s, Editor: Daniel Torres, 2003)


Poems from Leche

Invited poet #88 in Desde el límite(poems from La maestra de York, PR,  2003)


Poem “Axenos: el inhospitable mar negro” 

Ciberayllu: 2001, Part II of “Tesis”); 


Poem "Tesis sobre los movimientos del mar" (Ciberayllu, Fall-2000);


Poems from  Ciudades con puertos(unpublished poetry book) 

www. 17, 2000);



Short Stories              


Cinco relatos de Madeline Millán


Short Story “Isla con atardeceres”

Letras: Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños-Hunter Collegeán


Short story “Blues en rojo sobre Manhattan” (main idea from where novel Rojo sobre Manhattanstarted)


Short Story "Nadie como la abuela para pelar papas", 

Letras Salvajes, No. 4, Fall 2004

(web address: salvajes/

N4madeline_millan.html); also at              

Essay-short story “El coleccionista de arte como autor (January, 2004)


Short story “El día que me quieras”


Short stories “Trilogía de cuentos del Caribe” (three short stories of the Caribbean, 2002)

Interviews in Newspapers/Literary-Journal Reviews and Articles/Literary Comments about my work


“El multiverso de Madeline Millán:” El Correo, May 25, 2017, p.51


“El poema y su doble: Na Barca Lusitana/En la Barca Lusitana, 6 Poetas de Porto Rico,” by Alberto Martínez-Márquez


Review and literary comments about to my poetry work at La Voz Deudora(Dialogue between literary critics Ilan Stavans and Miguel-Ángel Zapata about Latin American Poetry: Lima-México, Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2013)


Repeating Islands, commentary by Vanessa Droz and Ivette Romero (Marist College)


“Por la ruta creativa de Madeline Millán,” by Carlos Esteba Cana


“Cuando pasa el miedo te entregas a la escritura: Madeline Millán presenta un poemario híbrido 

que enlaza poesía con prosa poética.” 

El Nuevo Día-Newspaper

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 

By Tatiana Pérez Rivera/


A book review about the AnthologyNarradoras latinoamericanas en Estados Unidos: 

“Narradoras latinoamericanas en EEUU: “Un cuarto propio portátil,”  in El Capital, Rosario, 

Argentina. April 18, 2010)             


“La nueva pasión de Madeline Millán.” 

Boreales-blog, Puerto Rico, 2010

An interview that can be seen also in


 “Madeline Millán y un bus al azar en uno de los corazones infinitos de Andalucía,” by Floriano Martins.

Agulha Hispánica/Revista de Cultura 02 (2010:


Review at Caribbean online publication Repeating Islandsabout my poetry book Leche/Milk’s-on-our-nightstands


Review at Caribbean online publication Repeating Islandsabout my poetry book  365 esquinas’s-365-esquinas/


Bookreviewabout Leche/ Milkby Astrid Lander

Public-Arte: September-October 2008, No. 6, p. 8 (Venezuela)                                                                       


“Esta noche: Poesía desnuda: Madeline Millán, Maribel Sánchez and Johanny Vázquez”

El Nuevo Día, by Jaime Torres Torres (San Juan, PR, Friday June 25, 2008: pp. 69)


“Madeline Millán and Johanny Vázquez : Piedra, Papel y Tijera,” by Rafael Josué Vega (Radio Universidad, Río Piedras (June 27, 2008)


“Noches de Cornelia/Antología de voces hispanas,” by Olga Román, “Así Letras,” Primera Hora, 

June 28, 2008, p. 42 (About the bilingual anthology Noches de Cornelia/Nights of Cornelia)


“Madeline Millán o el florecer de la cereza” (July 13, 2007)


Book review of De toros y estrellas(poetry book published in 2004) “Entre toros y estrellas,”

by Wanda Cosme. Nuevas Coordenadas de la literatura puertorriqueña                                                       

(San Juan/Santo Domingo, Isla negra editores, 2007: pp. 48-49)`                                           


Commentary about my literary work: "Humanidades que se les achacan a las bestias," by Manuel Clavell Carrasquillo, El Nuevo Día(3-27-2005)


"Madeline Millán en doble fascinación poética,"

Primera Hora, by Nelson del Castillo (section Literature and Art)

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Saturday, February 19, 2005: pp. 36


"Convergencia de vida y vocación," El Nuevo Día, by Mario Alegre 

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Friday, January 21, 2005: pp. 24       


Literary Review of my work: "Pre-textualidad en De toros y estrellas," by the critic and historian Mario Cancel. Read at the book presentation and reading of De Toros… at  Borders event (January 21, 2005)           


Note about Workshop offered by me at Universidad de Puerto Rico

“La poeta Madeline Millán visita el Recinto”



SUNY Diversity Grant


International Poetry Encounter in NYC/April 2013with poets reading their poetry in the languages taught at the Department of Foreign Languages