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Through Hispanic Eyes: Poetry and Photography 
Poetry, photographs  books and videos  
September 2023 to January 2024
Gladys Marcus Library/Fashion Institute of Technology
This project will continue as a virtual and traveling exhibition to promote a dialogue with artists and poets from different countries.
Department of Modern Languages & Cultures

Design &  Cover Photos: Manuel Araneda-Castex

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A group of Hispanic poets who are also photographers are presenting their work at the Gladys Marcus Library of the Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY. They are from Spain and Latin America. This traveling exhibition opens from September to January 2024. 
Is a  work-in-progress that depends on the generosity of individuals, private, and corporate sponsors. Through these months it will be developed as a virtual exhibit that allows us to grow and expand in every direction. 


Donations can be sent to Madeline Millán under the fiscal sponsorship of The Ken-Cro Ken Foundation (For more information, write to: 


Created and curated by Madeline Millan, in collaboration with Professor Pilar Banco-Ruiz, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures. This event is possible thanks to the support of School of Liberal Arts. 

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The works in alphabetical order:

Carmen Amato

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Photo: Manuel Araneda Castex



Manuel Araneda-Castex (Chile)

"Notas. Imágenes del abismo: 4/4 photography/poetry”

Una selection de “Archipel de l´ absence”, las anotaciones de travesía encomendadas por el poeta Gonzalo Rojas, (notas 1, 2, 4 y 24).

(Alec éditions, St Etienne, France, 2023)

"Notes, Images of the abyss: 4/4 photography/poetry”

A selection of “Archipel de l´ absence”, the journey notes commissioned by the poet Gonzalo Rojas, 

(Notes 1, 2, 4 and 24) 

(Alec éditions, St Etienne, France, 2023)


Nota 1 


No pertenezco al viento sino a la lluvia, no soy de esta tierra sino del aire / Llegué sin saber a qué he venido, perdí la memoria en el camino /
Y llegué a este aire en un sueño de una tarde /
Al final del camino aun hay agua que corre /

Y se escucha, sumada al sonido del viento / 

Paz de pájaros, la quietud de mi perro. //


Farellones, Oct 12 2020


(Photo: Torres del Paine Park, Magallanes Chile)

Note 1


I do not belong to the wind but to the rain, I am not from this land but from the air / I arrived without knowing why I came, I lost my memory on the way / And I arrived at this air in an afternoon dream / At the end of the road there is still water that runs / And it is heard, added to the sound of the wind / Peace of birds, the stillness of my dog.//


Farellones, Oct 12 2020

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Carmen Amato (México)




Estás en el aire
que mueve los árboles,
estás en la  luz,
estás en la tarde,
en el jardín, la casa,
estás en todo
como si estuvieras,
aunque todo grite
que ya no estás.


Ask to the silence

You are in the air

that moves the trees,

you are in the light,

you are in the afternoon,

in the garden, the house,

you are in everything

as if you were,

although everything screams

that you are no longer here.

Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks (Cuba)

Fiction Awareness: Autoficción

(Pegatina en pedestal. Park Avenue, Nueva York , 2019

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Llorenc Raich Muñoz (Catalonia-Spain)

Endins del marc_2023_Llorenç Raich Muñoz_001.jpg

Llorenc Raich Muñoz, poetic references:

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Celeste Alba Iris Rodríguez (Mexico)

Fotos de Celeste Alba Iris Rodríguez.

Photos by Celeste Alba Iris Rodríguez.

Poemas del libro de poesía Cartografía de una herida

Poems from the poetry book Cartografía de una herida. 


Maneras de sumergirnos

Las aguas tienen distintas maneras de sumergirnos en sus humedades

Uno puede ahogarse en su propia saliva

 inundar la piel de sudores

 destilarse en lágrimas


Por eso

guarda esa foto sin naufragio

sin caracoles que cuenten de otra orilla

aquella antes de hacer olas



Ways to dive


The waters have different ways of immersing us in their humidity

You can drown in your own saliva

 flood the skin with sweat

 distil in tears


That's why

save that photo no wreck

without snails that count from another shore

the one before making waves

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Pedro Serrano (Canada) 

Del libro de poesía Lo que falta

Translations by Anna Crowe

Pedro Serrano foto Nieve_Porque así es.tiff

Porque así es.

La nieve lo cubre todo,

lo desaparece.,

lo calienta en su red de moléculas tensa,

en el goterío de cristal

que desaparece.


Because that's how it is,

the snow covers everything,

makes it disappear,

warms it in its deadly soul, articulated

in it tense net of molecules,

in the drip-drip of crystal

that is vanishing

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Bios in Alphabetical Order
en el palacio del alba.JPG
Manuel Araneda Castex (Chile)

Director at Australisdesign. Master in Architecture & Design PUCV. Architecture and Museum language scholar, photographer, poet and painter. Has been a researcher, professor and/or consultant for the PUCV, PUC, UDP, UNAB, NYU and SUNY. Awarded Scholarship from the Poynter Institute for Media Studies (USA). His experience includes: seven Chilean pavilions; design, museum and exhibition projects for institutions, architects and historians in NY, Berlin and Chile, for the National Directorate of Museums, the Fulbright Commission, UK Embassy, British Council, PUC, SUNY, and for the “L  ́art et creation” Gallery in France.

Was awarded with the Altazor Award for best poetry book of the year, and Latin American Award Theobaldo de Nigris for best corporate designer. 

He has created and directed the research project "The Trojan Cube, the museum on the table", at PUCV, about museographic language and territorial resilience in trauma and segregated or isolated children.

Manuel was poet Gonzalo Rojas personal assistant.

Manuel Araneda-Castex,  is one six poets and photographers in this exhibit. His books about poetry and photography for the Chileans pavilions about Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral and especially for the poet Gonzalo Rojas, makes him one of the main voices and artist of this exhibit.

Director en Australisdesign. Magister en Arquitectura y Diseño PUCV. Investigador del lenguaje de la arquitectura y los museos, fotógrafo, poeta y pintor. Ha sido investigador, docente y/o consultor de la PUCV, PUC, UDP, UNAB, NYU y SUNY. Beca otorgada por el Poynter Institute for Media Studies (USA). Su experiencia incluye: siete pabellones chilenos en Lisboa, Hannover, Guadalajara y Shanghai; proyectos de diseño, museos y exposiciones para instituciones, arquitectos e historiadores en NY, Berlín y Chile, para la Dirección Nacional de Museos, la Comisión Fulbright, Embajada del Reino Unido, British Council, PUC, SUNY, y para la Galería “L ́art et Creation” en Francia.

Fue galardonado con el Premio Altazor al mejor libro de poesía del año, y el Premio Iberoamericano Theobaldo de Nigris al mejor diseñador corporativo.

Ha creado y dirigido el proyecto de investigación “El Cubo de Troya, el museo sobre la mesa”, en la PUCV, sobre lenguaje museográfico y resiliencia territorial, en el trauma, y la niñez segregada o aislada.

Manuel fue asistente personal del poeta Gonzalo Rojas.

Manuel Araneda-Castex, es uno de los seis poetas y fotógrafos de esta exposición. Sus libros de poesía y fotografía para los pabellones chilenos de las Exposiciones Universales de Lisboa, Hannover y Shanghai y la FIL de Guadalajara, sobre Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral y en especial para el poeta Gonzalo Rojas, lo convierten en una de las principales voces y artista de esta exposición


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FotoJacqueline Herranz Brooks.jpeg
Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks (Cuba)

Is a queer multidisciplinary author born in Havana and based in New York. Her projects merge research, documentary photography, poetry, the interpretation of soundscapes and urban interventions in multimedia installations. Jacqueline, who is interested in the process of fictionalizing and poetical personal events and in the creation of people. She has published several autofiction books including Liquid Days (Argentina, 1997), Scenes for Tourists (New York, 2003), Women without a Plot (New York, 2011) and Viaje en Almendrón (Installation book for Gallery Miller, 2015). Jacqueline's writing projects and research methods draw on the counter-

hegemonic experimental aesthetics of New York's Latino hybrid practices.

(An improvisation):

(Poetry e interpretación de sonido):

Camino en el mundo aleatorio “and welcome [others’] words to their final home”

Presentación del proyecto en otra comunidad artística:


(Proyecto autorficcional):

Contested Territory: Poesía repatriada:

(Lecturas en la oscuridad)

Espectros (Reading Series Apagones):

Project Presentatin and photos of the installation with sounds:

Foto Llorenc sonrisa_Fotografía_Núria Porras_6_2023_003.jpg
Llorenc Raich Muñoz (Spain)

Professor at IEFC, Photographer, Essayist and Curator. 


A regular participant as a speaker, teacher, advisor and panel member at photography centres, institutions and festivals, as well as curating exhibitions and international photography conferences. His line of research focuses on the theory and practice of the poetic and narrative aspects embedded in the language of photography. In his work as an essayist, he has published the following works: Corpografía. El cuerpo en la fotografía contemporánea (2012), Poética fotográfica (2014),  Fotografía y motivo poético (2015), Fotografía como poesía (2018),  Sobre la imagen poética (2020), Poéticas dispersas I. Escritos sobre fotografía, 1984-2022 (2023) and Poéticas dispersas II. Correspondencia (2023).

Foto Celeste Alba Iris.png
Celeste Alba Iris Rodríguez (Mexico)

Celeste Alba Iris is originally from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas (1968); she lives in San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Studied Modern and Contemporary Art in Mexico (UASLP), Master in Educational Innovation (UPN), and Bachelor of Communication Sciences (UAT).bGraduated from the College of Writers of the Northern Border (SOGEM/ITC). Celeste Alba created different author projects, among them “Miradas al Fotolibro” platform and the “Los Santos días de la Poesía,” writers meeting. She had received distinctions such as: 2021 and 2019 Support Program for Teaching, Research and Dissemination of the Arts, convened by CENART. Her project: “Miradas al Fotolibro” obtained the Manuel Ramos Photography Acquisition Award in 2017 by SECULT; in 2017 Celeste Alba Iris got the Reading Square built by the Tierra y Libertad School in Madero, Tamaulipas; in 2016 Recognition of cultural merit granted by the United Forces of Tampico. In 2012, Celeste Alba did an artistic residency in Cuba, and has served as ambassador to the Parliament of Writers of Colombia since 2015. She has participated in multiple individual and collective exhibitions. Her interest is focused on the creation of mixed writings that start from the image or the transfer between literature and photography. His recurring themes are identity and memory.

PedroSerrano26635 copy.jpg

Pedro Serrano (Canada)

Pedro Serrano (Montreal 1957) is a poet, essayist and translator. He teaches poetry and translation at UNAM. He was director of the Banff Interantional Translator Centre and Editor of Periódico de poesía de la UNAM. DefenßaS, a book on poetry and other wanderings, was published in 2014. La construcción del poeta moderno (The Construction of the Modern Poet), an essay on T.S. Eliot and Octavio Paz in 2020. With Carlos López Beltrán he published La generación del cordero (The Lamb generation) a bilingual anthology of Contemporary British Poetry. He translated William Shakespeare’s King John and Edward Hirsch’s Gabriel. A Poem.

His poems have appeared in Modern Poetry in Translation, Verse, Sirena, The Rialto, The Red Wheelbarrow, Nimrod, Bomb, and more recently on The Bitter Oleander and Another Chicago Magazine. He has been also included in the anthologies Reversible Monuments (Copper Canyon, 2002) Connecting Lines (Sarabande Books, 2006), Mexican Poetry Today 20/20 Voices (Shearsman Books, 2010), Being Human. More Real Poems for Unreal Time (Bloodaxe, 2011) and Literature. An Introduction to Fiction, poetry, drama and Writing, edited by X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. He was granted the Guggenheim fellowship for poetry in 2007 and the Prix international de poésie Antonio Viccaro, in 2016. Peatlands, translated by Anna Crowe and introduced by W.N. Herbert, was published by Arc in 2014.

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Organizers from the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Fashion Institute of Technology/SUNY:

Madeline Millán

Poet and photographer has been preparing a book with interviews from 2022 to poets who are photographers. These and other Spanish interviews can be read in the online magazine ViceVersa. Millán is translating these interviews into English to be published in other journals:

Madeline Millán is the creator and director of Echo of Voices. In conjunction with Pilar Blanco directs “Casa Pilar,” a writers’ and artists’ residence in Chapala, Mexico.

Pilar Blanco-Ruiz

BA, Brooklyn College, City University of New York & MA, MPhil, New York University, she is a professor at the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures where she holds the position of Assistant Chair. Known for her teaching excellency, she has been the voice and the leading person within the Hispanic Community at FIT/SUNY. She is the co-director of “Casa Pilar” in Chapala, México.

Ancla 1

Anteriormente en 

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cornelia 3.jpg

Echo of Voices is back after 10 years presenting poets from around the world through bilingual readings at the legendary Cornelia Street Cafe. This venue closed in 2018, and then, COVID 19.  We had our mini festival within The New York City Poetry Festival. See

In 2022 we will launch the event Poetry and Photography with a showcase of photobooks. Our anthology Echo of Voices/Eco de Voces will be published in conjuction with three publishing houses in NYC (And Then...), Spain (De Sur a Sur), and Mexico (Flor y Canto). 

Echo de Voces regresa después de 10 años presentando a poetas de muchas partes del mundo. Las lecturas bilingües se realizaban en el legendario Cornelia Street Cafe el cual cierra en el año 2018. Luego vino el COVID 19.  En el marco de un festival en NY 


logramos un mini festival con voces predominantemente hispanas. Saldrá una antología próximamente con tres sellos editoriales (NYC: And Then...; España: De Sur a Sur; y Mexico: Flor y Canto). Para el próximo año 2023 el tema es Poesía y Fotografía con exhibición de fotolibros.  

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